Solstice Scents Shadows In The Night Perfume Oil 5ml

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Shadows In The Night Perfume Oil
Solstice Scents
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White Amber, Fir, Somalian Frankincense, Elemi, Bayberry, Spruce, Amber, Peppermint, A Puff Of Incense, Edge of the Night Base*

The still night wood, blanketed in snow. Absolute frozen silence lit by the full Cold Moon. Conifers, resins, white amber, bayberry, snow, amber and a puff of incense wrap around a core of our Edge of the Night fragrance. The result is a coniferous forest scent with wisps of cold air, frankincense and winter woods. Shadows in the Night starts out with a strong blend of very smooth spruce and fir mingling with the frankincense and Elemi. After a few minutes on the skin, the white amber and mint provide lift that gives the sense of moonlight and snow. Though Shadows contains peppermint, the fragrance itself is not minty at all. The blend is wintery, woodsy, cool and complex. If you have enjoyed our other woodsy fragrances such as Enchanted Forest, Outpost and Shoikan Grove, you may enjoy Shadows in the Night. It is completely unique compared to the aforementioned scents but it contains some similar notes. Unisex.

Shadows in the Night is the third offering in 'The Night' line. When crafting Edge of the Night, it was clear that it was a fragrance that could stand on its own but also one that would make an incredible darkly sensual foundation for other oils. Used as a base for Shadows in the Night, the end result is a sophisticated unisex fragrance which contains a total of 32 fragrance and essential oils. Though you can detect Edge of the Night carefully woven into the Shadows in the Night blend, Shadows in the Night is its own unique woodsy, coniferous, haunting fragrance. The Edge of the Night fragrance worn alone manifests a deeper, musky, powdery dry down with a green lift and is mildly spicy as compared to Shadows. After several hours of wear, the two fragrances share a similar character though Shadows maintains a lighter character due to the white amber and continued to maintain a slightly foresty edge.

The notes in the *Edge of the Night base for this fragrance include: amber, oakmoss, aged patchouli, bergamot, black vanilla, red musk, buddha wood, organic clove EO, star anise EO, cinnamon and a nominal amount of lavender absolute and agarwood.

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