Bundle Monster Happily Never After XL Set of 5 Nail Stamping Plates

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Happily Never After Set of 5 Nail Stamping Plates
Bundle Monster
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Our Happily Never After nail stamping plate collection is inspired by the darker details of the Brothers' Grimm storybook fairy tales. Rewrite the fate of your favorite fables on your nails with intricately crafted designs inspired by Snow White, Hansel & Gretel, Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Cinderella. This complete set comes with 5 unique plates:

Crimson Heart (XL191)
Sweet Revenge (XL192)
Deepest Oblivion (XL193)
Mouth of the Wolf (XL194)
Dead of Night (XL195)

Elegant and dark macabre-style art embellishes your nails with a look that's both sweet and sinister. Pair your favorite designs with our Grimm's Nightfall creative art polish for even more mysterious manicures. These XL (4.25in x 2.4in) plates features full nail, accent, and buffet-style designs to give you tons of ways to be creative. As with all our nail stamping plates, we use laser-engraved stainless steel, so you'll receive the highest quality and most intricate results.

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